“To date or not to date?” This is the eternal question of everyone in the modern dating world.

In 2016, we celebrated the 400th (wow!) anniversary of the great English playwright, William Shakespeare. This guy just had it down when it came to stories and sonnets about love and the tragedy that sometimes can come with it.

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In the great Shakespeare’s words, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” And that still very much applies today.

In fact, it seems like Shakespeare practically predicted just how difficult the modern dating world would become. Does this mean that we can add psychics to Shakespeare’s long list of abilities? 

So to help users answer the eternal and very hard question above, Match.com went through its database in 2016 and found that the great playwright can still help you discover love … in online dating. Yes, even in today’s modern world, Shakespeare has still got our backs when it comes to matters of the heart. 

Here’s what Match found in their study:

1. Mentioning Shakespeare in your dating profile gets you more responses.

Match found that 30 percent of women in their database would call themselves, “literary”.

Thus, mentioning the playwright in your profile also increases men’s chances of a response from women by 27 percent. So, start brushing up on those sonnets you had memorized back in high school and drop Shakespeare’s name into your profile, guys. 

2. Singles in Kalamazoo, Michigan are the ones who mention Shakespeare the most in their profiles.

While Kalamazoo may not exactly be known as a hot, exciting location (ok, let’s face it, no one even probably really knows what Kalamazoo is), it may actually be a great city to find some quality dates. At least, according to Match, it is. 

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