We might have been misunderstanding cat lovers all this time. According to experts, owning or at least loving cats could be the key to a successful relationship.

Your cat might be your first love, but there’s nothing stopping you from harnessing the qualities and skills being a pet owner has given you and using them to become an ideal catch for future partners. 

According to a study by Purina Pro Plan LiveClear and the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute, cats can greatly strengthen relationships and help their adoring owner build loving bonds with fellow humans. 

Your cat could be an unlikely path to finding true love. 

We talked to relationship expert and author of, He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing), Andrea Syrtash about why she thinks cat lovers, and animal owners in general, have a better chance at finding love. 

At the core of any strong relationship is healthy, happy individuals who bring their best selves to the partnership. And what better way to be your best self than with a little animal therapy? 

“It’s been documented that pets generally brighten our mood each day,” Syrtash says. “The act of simply petting your cat can lower blood pressure and decrease cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone.” 

This happiness translates positively into what you bring to and look for in relationships. Syrtash also points out that happiness can make someone appear more attractive, so maybe your cat can even help you score some points in the looks department!

“The qualities that pets can bring out in humans: being happier, more relaxed, and more present, are all beneficial to bring into new relationships with humans,” Syrtash tells us. 

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