Do you and your partner have a relationship contract?

Although you may not admit it, most people still love a good romance. You know, those intoxicating love stories that start with love at first sight and end with the “happily ever after.”

From “Cinderella” to “The Notebook,” those stories awaken something in you that wants to experience that idealized, forever love.

To be adored unconditionally and understood every second of your life. And although that romantic connection is very important, the reality is that relationships do take work

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I’ve met with so many couples throughout the years that still hold on solely to these romantic notions. As if the relationship is something passive that just exists without their effort.

Yet they wonder why they often feel so misunderstood and unfulfilled. The bottom line is this: today’s relationships call for a more active approach.

One way to work together to build a stronger relationship is to create a relationship contract.

Your first reaction to hearing that is probably “How utterly unromantic!”

But if you really take a closer look at the process and intention of this unique type of contract, you may rethink your response.  

What is a relationship contract?

You think of contracts as legal and formal documents devoid of any emotion, something that’s drawn up by an attorney.

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