After the amazing crescendo of us both climaxing together, we were exhausted. Phillip’s penis was wilting fast, cum was starting to trickle out of my satisfied pussy; it was forming a little puddle on the sheets under my ass. His hands were gently caressing my small boobs as he softly kissed me.

“Thank you,” he whispered, “that was fantastic.”

“Thank you!” I murmured, “I needed that. You were incredible!”

He rolled off me and lay next to me, his hand ran up and down my tummy.

I felt completely satisfied, his warm hands felt amazing on my sweat-soaked body.

I moved my mouth down to his soft penis, I licked and sucked it clean. I wanted to get every last drop of his delicious sperm.

I kissed up his tummy and chest before I lay, snuggled in his strong arms.

“God, you are so beautiful,” Phillip praised my body, “you are stunningly beautiful.”

“Thank you, you don’t think my boobs are too small then?”

“Honey, I love your boobs and, your perfect shaved pussy,” he complimented, “I love all of your body, it’s perfect.”

My hand went down to his penis, I started stroking it as he played with my boobs.

We kissed and kissed for about ten minutes. I looked at the small clock by his bed, I saw that it was half-past two in the morning.

“I had better get upstairs to my husband,” I said sorrowfully.

“Please stay here and lay with me for a while,” Phillip asked.

How could I refuse? I was in heaven and, his penis was already getting hard again.

My “Perfect life” took another turn when I moved my face back down to his semi-hard penis.

I started to lick his black balls, his shaft, then the head of his beautiful cock. Three minutes later, he was pounding my eager pussy again, this time though, he got even deeper inside me. I don’t know if it was because his first load of cum was still lubricating me or not but, his penis hit the back of my womb hard.

He sucked my small boobs as his amazing penis pumped deep inside my pussy, I cannot remember how many times I climaxed but it was a lot! I had no guilt, only feelings of erotic ecstasy! I know that I should have had pangs of guilt as my husband was sleeping off his bourbon but, the devil on my shoulder won yet another battle. I was completely engulfed in the carnal pleasure that my black lover was giving me. My lips and tongue were a little sore from the amount of kissing that we did; as he brought wave after wave of pleasure over my entire body. I felt beads of sweat fall from his head as he continued to wrap his tongue around mine. My legs were firmly wrapped around his back as he pumped into me. My fingers were gripping his soft, shiny ass like my life depended on it, pulling him deeper into my wanting pussy. My screams of delight were getting louder with every orgasm that I achieved but, I didn’t care! I didn’t care that my husband may hear, maybe a little part of me secretly wanted him to.

Phillip and his amazing penis were all that I could think of at that moment in time.

I never wanted this night to end, I was hooked, completely engulfed in the pleasure he was giving me.

Phillip withdrew and asked me to turn over, he wanted to fuck me from behind. I eagerly obliged his request. I found myself gripping the pillow tightly as his magnificent tool found its target. In this position, he could get all of his black monster inside me. I let out a huge scream as I felt his balls hit the underside of my pussy.

My “Perfect life” took another turn when I felt his finger probe my ass hole, he had licked his finger and was gently rubbing my ass, it felt amazing!

“Push it in,” I begged, “try to push your finger in.”

He pushed it in a tiny bit then, licked his finger again before pushing in a little more. It felt incredible, his big black cock was pumping in my pussy as his finger was starting to penetrate my virgin ass. It felt like he had his finger up to his knuckle in my ass, I had the biggest climax of my entire life. I almost fainted it was so incredible, he said that he was about to cum and I gripped the pillow even tighter.

The pillow had completely lost its shape, I was gripping it that hard. A gushing sound emerged from my soaked pussy every time he withdrew. He was deeper in me than ever before and his finger was getting deeper in my ass.

Every three minutes or so, he would ask if I was okay?

“Fuck yes!” I shouted each time, “Fuck this is so good.”

I remember at one point, his free hand gripped the back of my shoulder-length hair and he pulled it backward. That made my head go backward and my face almost hit the headboard.

“I’m going to cum again,” I shouted, “Oh, my God, this is fucking amazing.”

“Wait for me,” my lover begged, “I want to cum with you.”

He rode me like that for a further ten minutes or so before he shouted that he was about to cum.

Moments later, I felt the unmistakable gush of his cum hit my womb. It hit so hard, I could feel it hit my womb and bounce back. He pulled my hair even tighter as he continued to pump inside me, delivering his load. It took him about a minute to finish spurting before he slumped over my back.

“Fuck, that was amazing!” I shouted, “God, you’re amazing.”

“Thank you, you are perfect,” Phillip replied, “thank you for tonight.”

The sheets were drenched with our sweat. He pulled out and released his grip on my hair.

I stayed on my hands and knees while he massaged the leaking cum over my fulfilled pussy and ass.

I fell onto my back and licked his fingers, then his limp tool, I made sure that I had consumed every last drop.

We lay together in his bed and cuddled and kissed for a while. I felt so calm, peaceful, and fulfilled, our three-hour love-making session had given me everything I wanted and more. I was now enjoying just being wrapped in his strong muscular arms, the serenity and feeling of being adored felt amazing. I knew that I needed to get to my husband’s bed but, I wanted to wallow in this feeling for a while longer. I looked at my lover, he was just staring at my face and smiling.

“Whatcha thinking?” I asked.

“How beautiful you are and, how lucky I am to have you here with me right now,” he replied and kissed me softly.

My naked body was firmly wrapped in his arms, my hand was holding his, still, impressive limp penis and I sighed. I was on cloud nine, sexually fulfilled and extremely happy and content.

My eyes felt heavy and I fought to keep them open, I knew that I had to get to my husband soon. I had been here much longer than I should have been, it was almost three fifteen in the morning. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing that I remember was a hand pushing against my shoulder. I thought that I was dreaming as I heard my husband’s voice, whisper, “Amy, wake up my love.”

My eyes opened a little, still blurry from my sleep, I heard a whisper again, “Amy, sweetheart, it’s eight-thirty.”

I tried to focus but my surroundings seemed strange to me. My eyes opened a little more and reality hit me like a brick. I was still in bed with Phillip, I was still firmly gripped in his arms. My husband was kneeling at the bed, whispering to me; it was eight-thirty in the morning! Phillip was still sound asleep, I looked at my husband with fear in my eyes.

“Baby, I’m sorry,” I whispered, trying not to wake my lover from his sleep, “he wanted me to lay with him.”

I realized at that moment that the covers were down at my waist, my naked boobs were on display and Phillip’s arms were engulfing my arms and torso. I couldn’t move my arms to cover myself, I felt vulnerable, naked, and vulnerable.

My husband leaned and kissed my cheek, he whispered, “It’s okay my love, I’m going to the kitchen to make some coffee. There’s no hurry, enjoy being in bed with him.”

His words quickly settled any anxiety that I felt, I smiled and whispered, “Okay, I love you.”

“Love you too.”

He picked my thong from the floor and held it up, he smiled and raised his eyebrows.

I smiled back to acknowledge that I was indeed naked in bed with Phillip.

As my husband left the bedroom, Phillip stirred and opened his eyes. I turned my head and smiled at him. His hand moved to my naked boobs and cupped my left breast.

I was free to move now. I moved my face to his and kissed him.

“My husband has just been in here,” I said, “he saw me in bed with you, I have been in bed with you all night.”

“What a beautiful sight to wake up to,” Phillip said in a soft voice, “was Kevin okay?”

“He was fine, he told me there’s no hurry to get up.”

His hand moved down to my pussy, I returned the gesture by taking hold of his already, semi-hard penis.

I started to kiss his chest and downwards, by the time that I had gotten to his penis, it was hard. I kissed the head.

Phillip said, “I haven’t showered since last night, it will still smell of us.”

I looked up at him, “Good.”

I licked the head before opening my mouth, less than six seconds later, I was sucking it like my life depended on it.

It tasted so good!

I licked and sucked his balls, they tasted as good as his erection. I love sucking his beautiful black cock and this early in the morning was no exception. I sucked on it for at least ten minutes before, I climbed on top of him and eased his monster into my, very wet and, eager pussy.

He brought me to another amazing climax when he massaged my clitoris while I was moving up and down on him.

I screamed with pleasure as I had another wonderful orgasm, I know my husband must have heard my moans of pleasure because, the door wasn’t shut tight, but; I didn’t care!

I was enjoying every moment of bliss with my lover. I was hoping that time would stand still so that I could enjoy this moment forever.

I knew that my husband could walk in at any moment and see me riding this beautiful, black cock but, I simply didn’t care!

I moaned that I was about to cum again, Phillip told me to hold it and wait.

His finger was massaging my clitoris so fast and beautifully, it was difficult not to cum.

I begged him to let me climax but he told me again to wait. I think that he wanted me to yell as loud as I could when I finally climaxed!

From the position that we were in, it guaranteed that I took every inch of his amazing cock.

This time, beads of my sweat were dripping from my body and onto Phillips.

“Baby, I have to cum,” I begged.

“Wait,” Phillip answered, “wait for me, I want us to cum together.”

His hand left my clitoris and both hands moved up to my small boobs, although my boobs are on the small side; they were still bouncing up and down with my movement on his, hard penis.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the door open. I couldn’t stop what I was doing, I just couldn’t! I looked towards the door and saw my husband’s head, he had poked his head in.

He saw me riding Phillip! I looked right at him, he was smiling and blew me a kiss before withdrawing his head.

I felt a sigh of relief come over me, he didn’t seem angry at what he had just seen. Phillip didn’t see him poke his head in and that pleased me, I didn’t want any interruption to spoil his momentum!

We were both way too close to achieving our biggest climax to stop now, my husband could have stood there watching, I couldn’t nor wouldn’t have stopped. Phillip’s hand went back down to my clitoris, he knew how much I desperately needed to cum.

Suddenly, he shouted that he was about to cum, “I’m going to cum baby, come with me,” Phillip panted, “Now, cum now baby.”

I felt his body tense and a huge deposit of his warm, delicious mixture hit the back of my womb. Then another, then another, I screamed as loud as I have ever screamed before as I let go! This was without a doubt, the biggest climax of my entire life. I kept riding his amazing penis until I had received every last drop. It took him at least two minutes before he had safely delivered his load. Cum was being squeezed out of my pussy and dripped onto his balls.

I slumped on top of him, exhausted and fulfilled, his hands clamped firmly around my back and we kissed.

“Fuck, that was incredible,” I panted, “thank you!”

“Oh, honey, thank you!” Phillip replied, “God, I could get used to this.”

Our bodies felt like we had just had an oily massage, we were both drenched with sweat.

We kissed deeply again and again as I felt his penis shrink inside me.

I rolled off him and lay by his side, our cum started gushing from my swollen vagina.

His hand instinctively moved to my pussy and he started to rub the cum that was oozing out, all over my pubic area. It felt so nice, he even brought some to my mouth. I licked his fingers clean.

“We cum a lot,” Phillip said as his hand went back to my soaked pussy, this time he smeared some over my little boobs.

“We did,” I answered, “I had the biggest climax of my life.”

We lay there for a further fifteen minutes, just being close and enjoying each other.

“I had better leave you, my husband is in the kitchen,” I told my lover, “I can smell the coffee brewing.”

We had three more amazingly deep kisses before I climbed off the bed, cum still dripping from my fulfilled pussy.

I went to the bathroom to try and flush out as much as I could. I emerged from the bathroom to see my black lover, still laying naked on the bed. He looked so beautiful, his soft penis was still about four inches long and slightly bent at a forty-five-degree angle.

I walked to the bed and kissed him before, leaning down and taking his limp tool into my mouth, I licked the remaining last few drops of semen from it.

“God, I love your cock.”

“My dick loves your mouth, and pussy,” he quickly replied, “One day, it will enjoy your ass as well.”

“I cannot wait!”

I picked up my thong from the floor, I went to put them on and Phillip asked me to stay naked.

“I have to go and see my husband,” I answered.

“Go nude,” he teased, “I’d love you to be nude when I join you both.”


“He must realize that you were naked in bed with me last night, you didn’t go up to bed with him.”

I threw my thong to the floor and walked to the door. My heart was beating out of my chest.

Phillip got off the bed and walked over to me, he gave my ass a quick slap before he opened the door, “I’ll get my clothes on and join you in five minutes.”

This was the most nervous that I had been in the last twenty-four hours. Although my husband had just seen me fucking my lover, that was nothing compared to this. I was about to walk out to my husband, naked and; cum still oozing from my pussy.

The hallway seemed to go on forever as I slowly walked towards the bright living room.

I could hear my heart beating as I saw my husband sitting at the breakfast bar, drinking his fresh coffee.

He looked at me and smiled, “Wow, good morning, sweetheart.”

I got to him and kissed him gently, “I’m sorry, Kevin. I didn’t mean that to happen.”

“Honey, I’m happy that it did, I know you’ve wanted that for a couple of weeks now,” my husband answered, “I don’t care that you slept with him, it was a beautiful thing to see.”

“You’re not angry with me then?”

“Of course not, why would I be angry?”

“Phillip fucked me last night, and this morning,” I stuttered, “you saw us this morning.”

My husband hugged me, he grabbed my naked ass as he kissed me again.

“Amy, I told you; I don’t mind what you do. I’m glad that he fucked you, I’m happy that you spent the whole night with him.”

“You are so wonderful,” I said softly, “you honestly don’t mind?”

“I promise!” Kevin quickly replied.

He poured me a cup of coffee and looked at me.

“Are you going to put something on or stay nude?”

“Phillip asked me to stay naked while I drink my coffee,” I replied, “Is that okay?”

“Of course it is.”

“Phillip wanted me to be naked in front of both of you,” I chirped, “I’ll go and shower when I’ve finished my coffee.”

“Did he use a condom?” Kevin inquired.

“No, he cum inside me, is that okay?”

“Sure, it’s okay, did he cum in your mouth as well?

“Yes,” I answered, I could tell that my husband was enjoying this.

I heard the bedroom door close and turned to look down the hallway. Phillip was walking towards us and I smiled at him.

“Morning Kevin,” Phillip said calmly, “morning, beautiful.”

“Good morning bud,” my husband replied, “I don’t need to ask if you had a good night, do I?”

Phillip giggled, “I had the best night ever.”

With no hesitation, he kissed me in front of my husband. Then he shocked me by kissing my left nipple.

“I can still taste us on these,” Phillip said boldly.

I blushed.

Okay, I’m going upstairs to shower and get some clothes on,” I informed the boys. I gave them both a nice big kiss before I made my way upstairs. I wondered what my husband would say to Phillip so, instead of going into our bedroom; I listened at the top of the stairs for a while.

I was pleasantly relieved when I heard my husband tell my lover that he was okay about last night. He told Phillip that he was cool about him sleeping with me!

Phillip thanked him and asked if he could spend the night with me again?

Kevin shocked me when he said, “Phillip, you two can spend as many nights together as you want. Do whatever you both want, I’m good with it all.”

I suddenly realized that I was masturbating myself as I listened, my finger was rubbing my swollen clitoris. I pushed two fingers inside me when I heard Phillip ask, “How about tonight then?”

“You want to sleep with her again tonight?” Kevin asked.

“If I can?”

“That’s fine with me buddy, I know that Amy will want to sleep with you again tonight,” my husband replied, “we’ll ask her when she comes down.”

I remembered that my phone was still in Phillip’s bedroom so, I calmly walked back down, naked as the day that I was born.

“I left my phone in Phillip’s room,” I said as I made my way to the hallway. I retrieved my phone and walked back to the boys.

“Phillip wants to know if you’d like to sleep in his room again tonight?” Kevin asked.

“Is that okay?” I stuttered, “would you be okay with that?”

“Of course,” Kevin grinned.

I kissed them both again before I retraced my steps to our bedroom, with a happy heart.

The next part is coming soon!


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