She rises every morning at the light of dawn, downing two shots of espresso and a fresh juice before racing out the door. She arrives exactly 15 minutes early for her 8 AM meeting. Her schedule is fully loaded like a baked potato about to explode at any given moment.

She has a fire in her soul. She owns every room she enters, capturing the crowd with every word she speaks. She’s the ultimate multitasker, making sure her to-do list is completed each and every day.

Despite the unthinkable problems she faces, there’s not a minute she spends questioning her ability to solve them all. She is the ultimate powerhouse; stronger than a whiskey on the rocks.

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And while she has reached the peak of her career, she can’t figure out why her ambition and drive toward success don’t seem to fly in her dating life. What do men want? She just can’t seem to figure it out.

Her dedication and work ethic are unbelievably attractive, yet they’re driving a wedge between her and the man she’s dating. She feels as though the one thing she wants more than anything is the one thing she can’t seem to get!

Here are seven things that powerful, sexy, and successful women need to do differently when it comes to men (based on what men want).

1. Let go of control.

You have all the power in the world when comes to pursuing your personal and career goals. While it may give you a sense of control, your man won’t enjoy thinking he has to be there at the snap of your fingers. He has his own feelings, opinions, goals, and life outside of you, and he needs the freedom to express himself.

You aren’t entitled to give orders. He has a voice and will want to be heard. You must accept his perspectives, even when they differ from yours. Relationships are about respecting your partner for who they are. And remember why you began dating him in the first place.

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