Do you have friends who are coupled who constantly post on Facebook? Do you see their pictures regularly blasted on your feed? Do you sometimes think WTF?

I want to preface what follows by saying I think it’s great when two people share their love through pictures. We should all celebrate genuine affection. In many ways, photo-documenting helps to memorialize important moments in a relationship. Examples include weddings, anniversaries, vacations, family events, and special occasions.

That said, that’s not what this post is about. Instead, I’m talking about couples who think it’s their duty to share virtually every single moment of their waking lives on Facebook. On the other hand, there’s a reason why happy couples don’t use Facebook.

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To my mind, there are basically three ways relationships appear on social media and they’re usually bad.

1. Trashy types

These are the cringe-worthy couples who create “updates” with shaming in mind. The goal is to air dirty laundry in public and let others comment. To be extra nasty, one of the duos might even use the @ sign directed at a significant other.

Example: Another birthday has passed and my husband didn’t get me a gift. @johndoe

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Whenever I see this kind of post, it makes me think the person doesn’t give one hoot about their spouse. All that update really does is shame the other person.

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