It’s not always easy for women to reach the big-O.

Fortunately with certain sex positions and toys to boost the chances of an orgasm, it’s not entirely impossible.

Most ladies will tell you they can only climax through clitoral stimulation and that’s why we’ve got just the move for you.

The experts at Hot Octopuss have let us in on a saucy sex position to try this month – and it’ll go down nicely with women.

Called the Collapsed Doggy, the technique promises clitoral stimulation as well as deep penetration.

The London-based sex toy innovators teamed up with Daily Star to share details about the move which is accessible to everyone.

So enough talking, are you ready to see how you can master this technique?

Nude passionate couple having sex on white bed, love and sex concept
The move will be very pleasurable for women

According to Hot Octopuss, this is a “fantastic move for vulva owners” as it gives external stimulation.

Since the Doggy sex position is a firm favourite between the sheets, the Collapsed Doggy offers a slightly different take.

As if you’re in a sleeping position, lie on your stomach and elevate your butt with a pillow.

The man will get up behind and then do the rest.

With this angle it also hits the G-spot and you don’t have to worry about keeping the position as you’re lying on your side.

To really take this move to another level, Hot Octopuss suggests adding a DiGit Finger Vibrator into the mix.

The toy can take sex and foreplay to a world of pleasure with its five power settings.

Are you looking for more sex positions?

Couple having sex at home
It takes a more chilled out approach to the regular Doggy sex position

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You can try this intimate sex position which offers couples the “best sensation” for a truly memorable experience.

The Golden Arch is a simple – yet intimate – position which promises to crank up the passion in the bedroom.

And if you’re riding solo, don’t worry we’ve got something saucy for you too.

The Staycation sex position promises to take you to O-town.

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