After a while, being told that “love will find us” gets really old. And frankly, we’re just sick of waiting. So, why waste time waiting when you could be out writing your own dating romance story? Stop sitting around hoping that some mystical Mr. Right will magically appear in front of you and sweep you off of your feet and get your strong, beautiful self out there!

But you may be wondering where to meet men that you’ll actually, you know… like. Why not actually use your specific love language to determine the best places for you to find guys that will fit your relationship needs? It sounds like a perfect start to us!

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These are the best places to meet men, based on which of the five love languages you most identify with.

Quality Time

If this is your love language, then the most important thing will be for you to get to know your potential romantic partner. Having intimate conversations where the focus is completely on what you’re discussing is critical for you to get to know someone. You crave those one-on-one interactions.

So the best place for you to meet a man would be somewhere quiet and intimate where you can talk to guys without interruptions or loud music.

A coffee shop would be a great location to start because most people go there so they can get a coffee and work or be on their laptops in a quiet space. Plus, you usually have to share tables at a coffee shop. So grab a nice latte and invite yourself to sit at a table when you find someone who catches your eye. 

Another perfect place for this love language to meet men is at a wine tasting. Wine tastings are about as intimate as you can get without actually being on a date. It’s the best opportunity to get to know someone and have a private discussion. And, hello, there’s wine!

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