It’s crazy how we have a tendency to put off the very things that can bring us the most relief. Once we start doing those things, we often feel so much better. The same goes for marriage counseling, no matter how many reasons you know are waving bright red flags in front of you.

Does marriage counseling work?

A review of the most up-to-date research on the effectiveness of marriage counseling found that “couple therapy positively impacts 70% of couples receiving treatment.”

Leading expert Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW, says the likelihood marriage counseling will be effective is related directly to two key factors: “the motivation level of both partners and timing,” while couples therapist and researcher John Gottman has found that couples wait for an average of six years after the onset of marital problems before finally seeking counseling.

Given that the divorce rate in America has dropped from the foreboding 50% to a more optimistic 39%, there’s certainly reason to believe marriage counseling has the potential to help save a rocky marriage.

There are many reasons to seek marriage counseling, but it can be hard to see the signs that it’s time to go — especially at first. That’s normal, don’t worry. It’s also why I’m here to help with the list of reasons couples therapy may help you below.

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Often we wait until something “bad” happens and only then seek out counseling, but there are lots of reasons to go to marriage counseling that is proactive. Before something really bad happens to your relationship or marriage, let me shine a light on some of the ways marriage counseling or therapy can help your relationship.

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