A young mother has been left heartbroken after finding out her husband and father of her child was cheating on her.

To make matters worse, he’s even tried moving in his new girlfriend into their family home.

Posting a video to TikTok, Jordan Burke shared snippets of the story with her followers. While she said she isn’t emotionally ready to share every detail, she has given an overview of what has happened.

“That time my husband tried to move his mistress into our home and ended up stuck paying the mortgage for our son and I instead,” she said.

The words “Don’t you feel silly, don’t you feel stupid, don’t you feel a little ashamed” played in the background, further explaining her stance.

Jordan said he had been struggling with postpartum depression and was in desperate need of support when her husband cheated.

Jordan Burke's husband left her for another woman
Jordan Burke’s husband left her for another woman

While viewers were quick to slam the other woman, Jordan said all blame should be put on her ex-husband.

“If you’ve ever wondered what makes a man abandon his child, sometimes it’s his other woman,” she said.

“I’m not blaming her, he left his son because the obligations of a child don’t work for his new, fun relationship that he chose instead. He’s 100% to blame.”

She went on to explain in another video that one day when she showed up at her family home, her cheating husband was trying to move his girlfriend in.

Jordan added: “I loved my family more than anything. I was so happy … He’s chosen his affair over his own family. The abandonment of it all is so painful.”

Jordan's cheating husband thought he could move his girlfriend into the family home
Jordan’s cheating husband thought he could move his girlfriend into the family home

Viewers showed their support in the comments, with some even offering bits of advice.

“Make his pockets hurt mama. That’s the next order of business,” one person suggested.

“I don’t understand how men can have everything, a beautiful wife, a child, a home and yet they still choose to throw it away,” someone else wrote.

“The universe has this way of clearing out the garbage to make room for abundance. You deserve the support he was incapable of giving. Stay golden, you win,” another said.

Other commenters shared similar experiences that they’ve had with their former partners.

“My ex-husband is moving to Ireland with a woman he met on Tinder. They just had a baby and want to be near her family in Ireland, leaving our four kids with me,” one woman wrote.

“My ex won’t see his two children he has but will go out and do things with his girlfriend’s son,” said another.

A third person commented: “My ex-husband chose his affair over his daughter. And when they broke up two years later he tried to come back around. Now with another girl and same thing.”

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