Apparently 77% of cheaters claim that having affairs improves a marriage.

A survey of love rats showed that two thirds of those cheating on their significant other had a happy relationship despite their unfaithfulness.

Only 33% of those asked said they were in an unhappy pairing, reports the Sun.

The study was conducted on 2,000 married cheats and it found that woman were more likely to be in a happy marriage while playing away – 71% versus 63%.

But, men were more likely to believe that an affair improved their marriage as 81% said cheating was good for their relationship compared to 71% of women.

The survey discovered that 94% of those having a fling would be furious if they found out their husband or wife was doing the same thing. How ironic.

Many admitted that they were in happy relationships
Many admitted that they were in happy relationships

Jessica Leoni, of dating site Illicit Encounters which did the research, said: “I’m not shocked that happy people cheat.

“If you’re unhappy, your mind is elsewhere — there’s no way you can compartmentalise an affair. Adulterers don’t want to leave their partners, they just want some extra spice in their lives.”

Previously, married people who were cheating on their spouse revealed the top reasons behind their decision.

Ashley Madison, the infamous dating site which targets married people, quizzed 2,800 of its members to find out why they were unfaithful.

According to the results, which surveyed both men and women, the primary reason for infidelity was the lack of sex at home.

Many cite lack of sex as a reason to cheat
Many cite lack of sex as a reason to cheat

Some reported up to and over 10 years without sex with their partner.

And, 30% claimed it had been five to 10 years since their spouse had sex with them.

The second major finding in the report was that Ashley Madison members used extramarital sex as a gateway to finding out more about themselves.

For example, 24% of respondents learned through their affairs that their libido was higher than they knew and 21% realised what they thought was an aversion to sex in general was actually an aversion to sex with their spouse.

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