A woman in a relationship has told about how she began having affairs because she found the forbidden sex was “electric”.

Charlotte, 31, a beauty salon worker from Portsmouth, explained that she struggled to orgasm with her boyfriend.

She claimed he is a selfish lover and always put his pleasure before her own.

Charlotte said: “I got fed up with my boyfriend rolling over and falling fast asleep as soon as he had climaxed while I was still raring to go.

“When we first got together the sex was amazing and he would always make sure I climaxed with oral sex.

“But after two years together the sex got much more predictable and he just got lazy.”

The salon worker said her sex drive is a strong 10 out of 10 and she refused to settle for bad sex.

But, she had just bought a flat with a boyfriend and didn’t want to split up, so she turned to IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading affairs site.

She found sex with her partner had become stale
She found sex with her partner had become stale

Her first affair was with a photographer stuck in a marriage where the sex had got boring.

Charlotte commented: “He described himself as a Saturday night man – getting it once a week, at the same time and in the same position.

“He was really sexually adventurous and I climaxed five times the first time we made love. It felt just like when I first got together with my boyfriend and the sex was electric.”

She then went on to have a second affair with a bar manager who had a passion for outdoor sex.

She said: “We had got really flirty on text before our first date so it wasn’t a big surprise when he suggested we go to the park to have sex after meeting at the pub.

“After that, it became our little thing. We would go to the pub and then find somewhere quiet for a bit of passion afterwards.

“I will carry on having affairs in future. There is something so exciting about forbidden sex.

“I think it is the joy of discovering a new body and also the pressure to perform well with a new partner. No one wants to be described as rubbish in bed.”

She planned to continue having affairs
She planned to continue having affairs

A study by the affairs website discovered the top reasons why men and women cheat.

Top of the female list was being a football widow, followed by bad sex and men’s obsession with computer games.

Men’s biggest wreckers were no longer fancying their lover, and their partner never initiating sex and always moaning.

Jessica Leoni, relationship sex and relationship expert with IllicitEncounters.com, said: “Look closely into the reasons why women call time on a relationship and it comes down to two things – selfishness and bad sex.

“Men’s main relationship wreckers revolve much more about sex and desire and their perception that they are getting a raw deal.

“Both lists show why affairs are booming as we emerge from the pandemic, and the end of 2021 will be a bumper time for infidelity.”

IllicitEncounters.com has seen a 23% rise in activity this autumn as people return from miserable summer holidays with their partner and look to start afresh.

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