There’s a lot of talk about opposites attracting, but study after study has shown that the key to a long-lasting relationship lies in similarity and shared goals. Intellectual compatibility sits right in the heart of this space, constantly ignored by heavily beating hearts and hot and bothered loins.

Are you wondering “Are we compatible?”

Instead of wracking your brain over whether or not you are intellectually compatible and have what it takes to move into a long-term future, here are eight ways to assess how compatible you are on an intellectual level.

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1. You have the same intellectual values.

While your partner is zoning out in front of the TV while you read Dickens may not be a sign that there’s no future, one partner going on an insatiable quest for knowledge is a sure sign you’re not on the same page.

Think about it: if you or your partner want to spend their weekends at the museum while the other would much rather catch a movie, someone is going to be bored over time.

2. You learn from each other.

Take a look at any happy person and there’s a very good chance they are in a constant state of progression. It’s very rare that someone is happy sitting stagnant in purgatory while the world moves forward.

It’s for this reason that it’s no surprise that studies have shown that couples who grow as a result of knowing their partner (which is called self-expansion) find themselves happier than those who don’t.

3. You not only sleep together but dream together.

Do the two of you sit and talk about your goals, dreams, and vision for the future? In sharing these things, you can gain a real understanding of who your partner is, how much they value expansion and exploration, and what matters most to them in terms of overall life satisfaction.

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