Being cheated on is never nice, especially when you catch your partner in the act with someone else.

However, one bloke has dealt with his shocking discovery in a very British way – by writing a truly passive-aggressive note.

And, he even invited the ‘other’ man around for a cup of tea.

Taking to Reddit, the bloke posted his handwritten response to his wife’s now not so secret lover.

He titled the post: “Came home to my partner in bed with someone else! Pretty sure I struck the right tone?”

Hilariously, the bloke started off his message to the ‘other’ man and said: “Hey, just wanted to let you know that you’re sleeping with someone who’s married and we’re not in an open relationship so you shouldn’t really be doing the dirty with her.

“I appreciate things can get lonely so don’t mind you popping over for a brew temporarily whilst I’m out but in the future could you give me a heads up so I can move my car for you please.”

man and woman in white bed sheets
What a shocking discovery!

The bloke signed off the sarcastic: “Cheers, no.86.”

Having found the bloke’s response to his wife’s affair hilarious, many people fled to the comments to provide their thoughts on the letter.

One person commented: “I think saying ‘I don’t mind you popping over for a brew temporarily confuses the message and potentially opens you up to the same issue happening again.”

handwritten note
A very British response to a supposedly confrontational situation

Another user added: “Why don’t cheaters just break up with the person they’re with if they wanna be with someone else so bad?

“Makes no sense.”

A third person commented: “I think they got the message across in a perfect rendition of English passive aggression and that person will stop. “

“Sounds like “I’m disappointed in you”, which is far worse than “I am angry with you”.”

Someone else joked: “That ‘Hey’ is a bit confrontational. Dial it back a little.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user remarked: “I think the cheers is a bit passive aggressive.

“I think ‘many thanks’ would set the tone, you want them to know you mean business but are also grateful for their future consideration.”

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