Decisions can move us closer to love, or they can take us further away. While that makes sense and sounds logical, the decision-making most of us have doesn’t give us the love we desire. 

Since attention spans are shorter and impatience is the norm, we jump to conclusions and make rash decisions when a guy doesn’t immediately respond the way we’d like. We don’t give ourselves the time and space to make good choices and thoughtful decisions. 

Instead, we make short-term decisions that take us further away from love. Then we become frustrated, disappointed, and discouraged when things don’t work out our way.

Our instant gratification society causes us to want things now, making it hard to be with what is and looking for a quick fix. 

We want things to happen our way and want love when we want it. But love happens when we’re ready for it, not necessarily when we want it. Are your decisions pushing love further away?

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Whether you’re up to date on the latest love and dating advice or not, read through these six common approaches to decision-making so you can recognize how you tend to make decisions about love. 

You’ll also learn how you may be pushing love further away, and what you can start doing to reverse that. 

1. You make rash decisions because you’re simply reacting.

When someone says or does something that makes you upset, sad, or defensive, you may assume the worst and take it personally. Because you’re human, your natural inclination may be to overreact and make a hasty decision from a place of negative energy. 

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