Going through a breakup is never nice – especially when it ends badly. Long gone are the days of love and romance.

Instead this was replaced with heartbreak and a lot of copper coins for one woman.

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Annabelle Mackay reminded her now ex that he owed her some money.

The boyfriend decided to give back the money, but in a very creative and ‘petty’ way.

Usually, the chosen method of re-paying someone money would be through a bank transfer or perhaps some cash notes.

However, the clearly annoyed ex gave Annabelle her owed money back in the form of one and two penny coins in a shoe box.

smiling blonde woman
Annabelle saw the fun side of the gaffe

Despite the inconvenience, Annabelle saw the funny side of the gaffe and so took her hundreds of coins to a money counting machine.

Posting under the username @annabellemackay , Annabelle recorded her counting coins trip for all of TikTok to see.

Annabelle captioned the video: “When your petty ex owes you money.”

At first, Annabelle smiled at the camera as she grabbed a handful of coins from the box.

pouring copper coins into machine
What a task…

But, after getting tired of manually scooping up the coins, Annabelle eventually poured the box of copper pieces into the machine.

Pouring the coins in, the amount kept topping on the screen.

Eventually, Annabelle managed to get rid of the coins and the total amount came to £51.37.

Now that is petty!

Since being posted, the video has racked up 2.3 million views and 291,000 likes.

Stunned at the petty antics of the ex, people rushed to the comments to have their say.

money amount on screen
At least she got it back!

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One person commented: “How embarrassing that they had to find/exchange all the pennies to give you omg.”

Another user added: “Your ex is an evil genius.”

Whilst a third person remarked: “At least he paid.”

Someone else said: “Jokes on them because they counted it.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user noted: “Imagine wasting that much effort just to be petty.”

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