Some men may need marriage advice when it comes to their wife being the breadwinner in the family. But others love it.  

Aaron’s wife got a big promotion while she was pregnant with their first son.

Neither wanted to put their baby in infant daycare and Aaron’s parents could only care for the baby (and his eventual brother) twice a week.

So, the Massachusetts dad scaled back his hours as a system administrator.

Until he went back to full-time work years later, he spent most of his weeks as a stay-at-home dad.

“I was good at it,” he said. “I made bread. I made soup stock. I made my own granola. I was cooking all the time. I was running, I went to the gym. It was awesome.”

When Aaron eventually returned to full-time work, his wife outearned him by $20,000.

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Her higher salary never bothered him because, he said, “It never even occurred to me that it should be a problem.”

“It doesn’t matter to me at all,” he added. “I’m glad she makes more money than I do. We need the money. I wish she made even more.”

The number of households led by female breadwinners is rising.

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