A woman has shared the excuses lads make to not wear a condom – and declared they are just another reason why men ‘suck’.

When having sex, even if it is quickie, staying safe in the bedroom is strongly advised.

From wanting to avoid pregnancy to the many nasty diseases that can be passed along from a bit of hanky panky – a trusty condom will often save the day.

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But for women like Chloe who want to make sure they’re protected when getting it on, there are sometimes hurdles in their way.

And, it’s all to do with lads not wanting to wear a condom.

Chloe has now shared the excuses guys make to attempt to avoid using protection – and she’s gone viral for her ‘relatable’ content.

woman crossing her arms with text on screen
Chloe has certainly not held back…

In a TikTok clip that has racked up 5.6 million views, Chloe donned a pair of black shorts and a long sleeve top as she danced on screen whilst the ‘excuses’ popped on the screen around her.

“Things men have said to me when I asked them to wear a condom”, she said.

“Aren’t you on the pill?”

“It’s not going to be fun for me.”

“Seriously? Most girls don’t care.”

“Can you just take plan b tomorrow?”

“Don’t be a buzz kill.”


woman dancing with text on screen
At least she could dance off the bad excuses!

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Chloe blasted in the caption: “More reasons why #mensuck. Boy if I can fit it over my head…you can fit it over yours.”

And it seems like Chloe is not the only one to have experienced some dodgy excuses from horny lads.

One person commented: “The fact they are only thinking of pregnancy and not disease is even more scary.”

Another user added: “No glove no love.”

A third woman voiced: “I had a guy tell me ‘don’t worry I’ll look after you if you get pregnant’ like ummm I don’t want to be a mum.”

Someone else noted: “The fact you have to ask them speaks volumes on these ‘men’.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person declared: “Just tell him there is no party without a party hat.”

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