A woman shared how she talked her boyfriend into joining a throuple after realising she was bi-curious.

Alana Underwood, 25, said that she and boyfriend Kevin, 32, had been together for three years when she told him she wanted to experiment with women too.

And it seems the experiment worked for them, as they are now happily in a throuple with Megan, 35.

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The trio, who live together in Santa Ana, California, appeared on ITV’s This Morning this week to share their love story.

Alana, Kevin and Megan pose together
Alana (left), Kevin and Megan (right) are all in a throuple together

They told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby they have been together as a throuple for three years now and share the same bed – rotating who sleeps in the middle each night.

Talking about their relationship, Kevin said: “Alana and I were together for about three years before Alana did come to me and mention that she was bi-curious,” he said, adding his partner ‘wondered if I wanted to come on that journey with her’.

“So we downloaded an app and we found Megan. And we’ve been together almost three years now,” he added.

Megan said she’s always been bisexual, but joined the app because she wanted to experiment more with men.

Alana, Kevin and Megan pose together
Alana convinced Kevin to get into the throuple after realising she was bi-curious

She admitted she tried the throuple ‘out of curiosity’ and ‘wasn’t expecting it to turn into love’.

Alana shared details of the throuple’s first date, telling Phil and Holly it wasn’t “awkward”.

“It fell right in the first week in lockdown and quarantine, so it was hanging out at the house, it was very intimidating,” she admitted.

“Because it was my first time trying something like this, I was a nervous wreck.”

The trip insist there is no jealousy between them.

“We’re all genuinely in love, our dynamic works really well together, I’m happy,” Megan said.

Alana, Kevin and Megan pose together
The throuple have been together for nearly three years now

Alana, Kevin and Megan appear on This Morning
The trio appeared on ITV’s This Morning this week

“Jealousy is not really an issue. In the beginning we had some things we had to get used to. Now we equally have love for each other,” Kevin added.

The threesome revealed they did follow a ‘golden rule’ – not to break into twos for the first six months of their relationship, but that there was ‘no playbook’.

“We led with love and met people where they were,” Kevin said.


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