A happy couple in a healthy relationship knows how to keep the romance and passion alive so their partnership lasts for a long time. 

When my husband Charlie and I were interviewing the happiest couples we could find, we could clearly see that they were among the group that kept their passionate romance alive over many decades.

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Happiness and healthy relationships don’t just happen. They require plenty of work, patience, and communication, among many others. Once you learn what traits in a relationship make it a good and healthy one, you learn how to be happier with your partner.

There were some common themes that ran through the stories we heard and there are plenty more out there that apply to your own happy relationship.

Here are 30 unsexy traits and characteristics of a happy couple in a healthy relationship, according to relationship therapists:

1. Vision

Hold a grand vision of what your partnership can be. Prepare to roll up your sleeves and do the work to manifest that vision.

2. A definition of romance

People have different ideas about romance. Be sure to have conversations defining what romance means to you so you can finally have what you are longing for.

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