If you really want to know how to find true love, the only way to make that happen is by dating with an open heart.

But I know what you’ve been through. You’re tired of investing time and energy in the wrong men, only to end up frustrated, hurt, and empty-handed again and again.

You’ve worked hard to find peace and a sense of happiness in your life, so there’s no way you’re going to let someone come into your life and mess it all up.

And yet … you don’t want to give up on the possibility of finding “the one.”

You want to meet the right man — someone who makes you feel challenged, inspired and adored — but understandably, you’re scared because you don’t know why but you always get played.

After everything you’ve been through, you’re not sure which dating tips to follow in order to keep from getting played or wasting valuable time.

How do you put yourself “out there” and open yourself up to love while also protecting your heart and the peace you’ve worked so hard to cultivate in your life?

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