A porn star has claimed she prefers sex with men in their 20s because she likes getting rough with them.

Richelle Ryan opened up on the Inside OnlyFans podcast about how she loves to date younger men and has dated men 10 years younger than her.

The 37-year-old claims sex with younger men is better than with older men because younger ones “enjoy the experience” of being with her more because she knows what she wants.

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In the episode, which has gained more than 1.1k views on YouTube, co-hosts CJ and Kayla questioned her about being a ‘cougar’ in her X-rated content.

Adult film actress Richelle Ryan arrives at the 2015 Adult Video News Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 24, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Richelle Ryan claims she prefers younger men because she enjoys getting rough with them

Richelle explained: “Technically a cougar is a woman that dates men 10 years younger. So, I’m 37 and I think the guy I was working with today was like 23.”

But being with younger men isn’t something she’s always done as she claims to have only “gotten into it around 5 years ago” while she started playing the MILF/Cougar role in the porn industry.

She then started dating someone who was 10 years younger than her outside of work and it became a preference.

Richelle Ryan wearing black lacy body suit and stockings
Richelle claims she started dating men 10 years younger than her when she was in her early 30s

“I was 33, he was 23 but he was very mature,” she said.

“He wasn’t a punk, had his sh*t together and it just worked. I mean, he was a little immature with a few things but it was great, I loved it.

“I always feel that older men, they just look at me like ‘oh, when are you gonna get out this little phase of shooting OnlyFans.’


“I’ve been in the industry almost 17 years versus younger men who are like ‘rock on, do your thing.'”

However, being supportive of her career isn’t the only benefit she has had to date someone younger as she also claims the sex is better because she can be rougher with them.

“I just feel like young guys are just fun like they don’t care, they’re just going to go with the flow and just do whatever. I love it,” she added.

Richelle Ryan on Inside OnlyFans
The adult actress seen in her interview with co-hosts CJ and Kayla on Inside OnlyFans

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“They love the experience of being with an older woman that knows her body and what I like and just taking charge. I get rough with a lot of them.

“I love like face-sitting and smothering them. That’s the thing I love outside of porn.

“I call it smother sex, where I’m smothering them and they’re smothering me and I’m just like bring it on.”


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