How do I get a gorgeous girl away from her long-term boyfriend?

I’m crazy about a colleague and long to make her mine.

I’ve met her boyfriend, he’s decent enough but I’d be a much better partner. My heart skips every time she looks at me and there’s an undeniable spark between us.

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We flirt all day and sneak out for fag breaks together.

My mates think I should take her out and have sex with her just to get her out of my head. But I want more than that. I’m not interested in a sleazy office fling.

Male and female colleague smiling at each other
Our reader flirts with colleague all day

JANE SAYS: If your colleague already has a boyfriend, then she’s out of bounds.

Ignore your friends. You can’t go there.

If she’s never indicated that she’s interested in a relationship, maybe she’s simply enjoying the banter.

You need to back off. Prove your professionalism by getting on with your work.

Accept that you’re distracting each other and give yourself time.

Hopefully the right partner will come along – someone who is completely free and who ticks all
your boxes.

Two colleagues smile at each other
Jane tells reader colleague could be off limits

Family’s a drain on cash

I’m supporting too many family members.

Not only am I giving cash to my two daughters, but to their teenage children, too.

Each month, I transfer at least £1,000 to relatives, which leaves me very little left to heat my home and buy decent food.

I worked hard all my life and now my cash is slipping away.

I accept that my (divorced) daughters have it tough. But it does annoy me when they buy phones or have their nails done.

Also, would it kill my grandchildren (19, 17 and 16) to find some kind of paid work?

What can I say?

JANE SAYS: You must start putting yourself first.

I urge you to make a list of all your monthly outgoings (plus a little extra for emergencies). It’s important that you’re comfortable and safe.

If there is anything over, then you can think about making small, donations. But you must not feel guilt-tripped into supporting everyone.

Your grandchildren need to start making their own money.

Your daughters need to understand that nail-bar visits are not a necessity.

Be prepared to stand your ground or they will continue to leech off you.


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